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Clear your mind here




Clear your mind here



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Words can’t describe how good  he makes me feel.


Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

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I like you a little more than I intended to. Theres just something about you…
Something about you that I cannot put my finger on.
You are so charming, have great mannerisms, and your are incredibally sexy.
You just know how to turn me on…
Besides that, You are a man of words and histyory. I enjoy all the stories you have to tell me.
I love how you can trust me, and that I trust you.
We are essentially bestfriends with lover mentality.
I can tell that you care about me, and I care about you deeply.
I have no clue where this will take us, But I’m not too worried about the future.
With you, its ok to live in the moment. You make me happy at this very moment, and I have so much fun with you.
We’ve been friends for years and used to have these types of feelings before.
this time around, it just feels right with you.

I haven’t really been posting on here as much because the start of 2014 was a bit of a crazy one for me.
This year, I wanted to make a big change in my life. I wanted to become more responsible with money, putting priorities first, and making my goals more reachable day by day.

One good goal that I achieve was renting out my very own room. I don’t think alot of you knew, but I was living with one of my bestfriends for two years. I haven’t had my own room since God knows how long. It feels great ot have a place to call my own. I now can have a piece of mind, have some more alone time, and focus better due to the fact that I have my own space. So stoked about this real responsibility that I am about to take on.

Also, I am in the precess of job hunting. I have been working at Stonefire Grill for over 2 years now. It has been an unforgettable journey and I have learned so much from the. Unfortunately, it is time to grow further and I feel as if my job is holding me back from doing so. I applied to be a caterer for the company, and would love to drive for them. I just want a full service job that will make me better money so I can survive better.

I have been trying to make the best positive decisions this year. I have been keeping up with my school work and getting good grades, and I am more catious of my money. I am no where near perfect, but I am taking baby stepts to get shit done and live a comfortable life.

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Miscommunication is my biggest pet peeve. It has been the biggest factor of my annoyance since the beginning of the year.

I don’t understand why people can not be straight up!

I get it. I am not the biggest fan of confrontation. There comes a time when you can not be a pussy and you just got to say what you got to say.

For one, the guy that I was messing with ended up being a complete pussy. I guess he thought that I was a little to into him, or he got scared of commitment or some shit. In the end of the say, I can handle my shit. There is no need to think of my feelings in a sensitive matter. I can handle rejection better than most. I would be lying if I said it would not annoy me not getting what I want, but if there is a logical reason on why I can not, just let me know.

I would never want somebody to be afraid to tell me anything. Especially someone of the opposite sex who has seen me naked.

The other thing that is bothering me with communicating has to deal with work. We won’t get into that thought because I’m not trying to get fired.

In the end of the day, as a communications studies major, miscommunication really pisses me off.

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